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Company Name Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd
Name Tadayuki Tsutsui
Tel +81 47 362 1185
Fax +81 47 362 1198
2-1 Minoridai 5-chome
Company Profile

PM based parts production, oil impregnated bearings. Materials: iron, low alloyed steel, stainless steel, high speed steel, aluminium alloy, heavy alloy, bronze, wear resistant materials, soft magnetic materials. Specialities: automotive engine components (valve seat, valve guide, timing belt pulley, sprocket), low friciton bearings, diffusion bonded components, sinter forged components. Services: colloidal graphite, molybdenum disulphide, cartridge ribbons, assembled products, in-house tooling shop, test bench for evaluating engine components and bearings.

Main area of activity
Product Listing Quality Assurance Status
Sintered Components
1.High Speed Steel
2.Stainless Steel
Plant Site
Chiba, Japan
Plant Site Address Chiba, Japan
Q&A Standard List ISO 14001_2004, ISO TS 16949_2009
Q&A Certified By JQA,SRI
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