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Company Name MIMEST SRL
Name Rudj Bardini
Tel 0039 34 77 408 176
Fax 0039 046 153 0520
Via Dante 300

Pergine Valsugana
Trento 38057
Company Profile

Mimest is an italian MIM company established in 2005. In our facility we offer a full scale MIM production with 4 furnaces and 3 presses. Our material portfolio comprises: stainless steel alloys, low alloy steels, superalloys, Hadfield steel, CrCo Mo alloys Titanium both CP and Ti6Al4V. We do manage several heat treatments and secondary operations. We have a complete control lab equipped with gas analyzer, pycnometers, micro-macrohardness, metallurgical controls, CMM machine, sonic control testing. Our commitment is dedicated to minimize production variability applying SPC principles.

Main area of activity
MIM Components
Product Listing Quality Assurance Status
Sintered Components
1.Metal Injection Moulding
Plant Site Address
Q&A Standard List AS9001_C
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