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Contact Details Address
Company Name EOS Finland Oy
Name Juha Kotila
Tel +358 20 765 91 44
Fax +358 20 765 91 41
Lemminkäisenkatu 36

Company Profile

Electro Optical Systems Finland Oy is a company focused in process and material development for Direct Metal Laser Sintering process of EOS GmbH. EOS Finland supplies processes and materials to be used in various industrial additive manufacturing applications, e.g. production of dental medical devices, aerospace applicatons, tooling, etc.

Main area of activity
Additive Manufacturing,Raw Materials,Research
Product Listing Quality Assurance Status
Sintered Components
1.Additive Manufactured
Ferrous Powders
1.Additive Manufacturing Powders
Plant Site Address
Q&A Standard List AS9001_C
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